Deal Mastery is a program designed for sales reps that want to reach OTE and overperform.

While the coaching can be booked for as little as one month, the best outcomes for a structural growth would come from a 3 to 6 months engagement.

What do you get:

  • 60 minutes every week with The Deal Director focused on sales coaching
  • 30 minutes every second weekend focused on personal improvement and mindset
  • Intro call to qualify your needs and identify the biggest growth opportunities

What do we cover under sales coaching:

  • Selling the deal: Assess and qualify your pipeline, build strategies for the largest customers
  • Forecasting the linearity: Clean up your pipeline and help you drive predictable outcomes for your leadership
  • Deep learning: Assess realistically your opportunity for growth within your current company and how to build relationships with leadership. Improve your skill stack.